Why Fill Out the Fields?

Online game

The description is visible during the starting screen. After the game starts you can read it again by clicking on the green "i" at the top left.
The Online game doesn't use information on this tab to run the game, therefore fields on this tab are not required for solo Online play.
Many conditions for an Online game scenario can be set in the Battle Info Tab.
Official scenarios have symbols for the special rules that show up in the starting screen under Special Equipment:

Hidden Rules

The following rules are not self-evident at game start:

Face-to-face games

Default Description Tab

NOTE: Text entered in fields is automatically Spell Checked (unknown words have red underscore).
Here's the default:


"Name" is important in finding and identifying the scenario. If your scenario doesn't have a name, then game results will appear with no title in your Officer Career->Expert Tab web page. You may want to add a French name, too.


Historical Background

Here you can describe the history behind the scenario. Anything typed in this box will show in a separate History tab in the Online game.


This box is for the Nations, their starting cards, and who goes first. It should match what you enter in the Battle Info Tab. It's pretty self-evident when the Online game starts. But it's critical for those printing out the scenario for face-to-face play.

Conditions of Victory

Here list the medal requirements. If you have temporary or permanent medals on the map (or exits) it's a good idea to note them here as well.

Special Rules

Write any rules that are not part of the standard set of rules. Summary cards came with the Air Pack board game expansion, and can be referred to by number.


Information put here does not appear in the Online game.

Sample Description

Here is the description for a scenario created by jdrommel:

Using Multiple Languages

Sometimes you may see no description in the starting page of the Online game. It's possible it was created by a French player and there was no English page. Likewise if you don't add a French page, it should be blank to those who have French as their default.
Official scenarios have names in both languages which you can see after downloading the spreadsheet of your battle history. If the scenario only has a French name, you can see it there, too.

Add a language page

Click on the "+" button on the left. A language selector box opens.
If you click "OK" then it copies the information to a French page. It's up to you to translate the text.

Here's the same description as above after substituting some French:
As you can see, the history hasn't been translated.
Spell Check is now for French.
It might also be a good idea to say whether minefields come from a specific expansion (e.g. Terrain Pack) or they are just random.


This is not meant to be comprehensive, but to enable you to fill out the briefing and victory conditions and to cover rules that aren't obvious at the start.
Paradrops and the Russian Commissar are self-evident, but people might want to know about these rules, before they commit to playing.


Conditions of Victory

Special Rules


Map Tab, How to add units, terrain and badges.
Battle Info Tab: Description Tab: you're looking at it.
Print Preview Tab: the 4th tab is Print Preview (needed for face-to-face play). No web-page is needed.
Expert Tab: the new 5th tab allows you to add advanced rules.
Tips and Tricks: To save a scenario to Days of Wonder Online follow this link and go to "Sharing your scenario".
Unsupported items: This is a pretty comprehensive list of M'44 game rules and features (before the Equipment Pack) that have trouble in the Online game.
Official Scenario Errors: This is a subset of the previous much larger page, for those scenarios posted under the official tab.