Table of Contents

Gung Ho!
Night Visibility Rules
North African Desert Rules
Russian Commissar
2 Points for Infantry Exit
Deck Reshuffling
Deck Change
Minefields' Pack
Hill 317 Rules
Group Sudden Death
Deck Sudden Death
Empty Section Condition
Capture HQ/Supply Tents Rule
Oasis / Hospital Recovery
Sea Wall
Bridge: Entry/Exit Hexes
Fordable Streams
Armor Moves 0-2
Armor Worth 2 VPs
This section is intended for scenario authors of expert level. It has a series of features that are called for creating sophisticated scenarios to be played online via Memoir '44 Online application.

Below are instructions for using the new Expert tab (available in Editor 1.2), including features that are supported by the current Online game.

Unsupported items in the Online game are reported in red on this page.

The Table of Contents lists rules you may wish to jump to (instead of showing all headings).

The new Expert tab (in Editor 1.2) allows you to set all kind of cool features for your online scenario. Basically, it should allow you to build scenarios that are as sophisticated as the official ones.

  1. Start by creating a scenario the usual way: build the map, place the units, etc. using the Map tab.
  2. Set the main parameters of your scenario with the Battle Info tab: command cards, medals, sides, etc.
    Alternatively, load a scenario from your hard drive or from your private area on Days of Wonder Online.
  3. Now go to the Expert tab.

The Expert tab is divided into the Map Panel which works with the Hexagon Rules Panel and a Game Rules Panel.
1. The Map Panel
This is the map you created in the Map tab. Click on a hex to select all elements located on this hex (this works a bit differently from the Map tab in which you can select elements individually inside a hex).
You cannot add terrain, obstacles, units, etc. to the map under Expert tab. That is done on the Map tab.
"View->Zoom in/out" doesn't work here, but you can move the panel borders to increase the size of the map.
2. The Hexagon Panel
This hexagon panel will show you the properties of all the elements located in the hex you select on the map panel. This is where the real power of the Editor shows up!
The pic below shows 3 examples of a hex selected on the map, and its contents to the immediate right, with any dropdown options. expert_tab_hexes.png
For full instructions to use these items, see the topics below.
3. Game Rules Panel
The top panel allows you to set global settings for the scenario: special rules, victory conditions, etc.
Subjects from this panel are covered next.

Special Rules
Click the checkbox to activate the rule for your scenario:

Gung Ho!

Gung-Ho!.pngUS Marines.
When playing Command cards, Marines order 1 additional unit.
Exceptions: Air Power, Barrage, Infantry Assault, Ambush, Their Finest Hour.
When used with Hill 317 Rule (see below), Allies can't use a Recon to order 2 units.
Gung Ho + Blitz together only let you move 1 unit with recon


Blitz_icon.pngAxis may play Recon as Air Strike (like Air Power, target up to 4 contiguous hexes).
First target must be in same section as Recon.
Allied Armor's normal move is now 0-2.
Night Rules don't stop Air Strike when light <6.
Gung Ho + Blitz together only let you move 1 unit with recon

Night Visibility Rules

Night_icon.png(a.k.a. Night Attack Rules.)
Range = light level; it starts at 1 (so close assaults only).
Each Allied turn 4 dice are rolled; for each star the # is advanced; 6=daylight, but no 6 shows in your game.
Air Power and Barrage only work in daylight. Robot Johnny doesn't understand this.
But it allows Air Strike (Blitz) to occur when light <6.
See official scenario, "Japanese Counterattack".

North African Desert Rules

NADR_icon.pngOn successful Close Assault, Armor may move into vacated hex and move 1 additional hex before battling again.
If you save with North African Desert Rules (NADR) checked, then save it later unchecked, players may still see the NADR reference card when they play.

Russian Commissar

commissar_chip.pngRussians play card one turn ahead.
Counter-attack, Recons, and Ambush are exceptions.
Presumably, under Battle Info tab, you should select, "Bottom Player: Soviet Union."

Other Rules
There are checkboxes, drop down menus and a hex selector.


2 Points for Infantry Exit

exit_up_down.pngCheckbox (default=unchecked)
An infantry that exits, will score 2 medals instead of 1.
See official scenario, "Breakout to Lisyanka".

Deck Reshuffling

Checkbox (default=checked).
If this is unchecked, then Their Finest Hour won't cause the deck to be reshuffled.
If no one wins by the time the deck ends and you play your last cards, then the game will freeze.
You should also check "Deck Sudden Death" (see below).

Deck Change

  1. STANDARD_DECK (default).
  2. HILL317_DECK (see Hill 317 Rules below).
  3. AIR_POWER_AS_ARTILLERY_BOMBARD_DECK (2 A.B.s in deck, no A.P.).
    This is used for battles where the weather prevented the use of Air Power. See official scenario, "Suomussalmi".

Minefields' Pack

4 expansion packs came with a limited number or minefield tokens of specific values.
Selecting an expansion means the scenario uses those specific ones. (See below.)
Leaving default="No Mines" means the mines will be random #s 0-3.

Hill 317 Rules

Hill317icon.pngIn the official scenario, "Counter-attack on Mortain," the Allies have the option to play a Recon card as if it were an Air Power card (2 dice attack on up to 4 contiguous hexes), as long as they have a unit on either hex of Hill 317. This is known as "calling in an Air Strike" or informally, "Allied Blitz". The first hex a player chooses as target must be in the section on the Recon card.
(Note: this only works for Allies. The Axis version is called "Blitz", see above.)
When used with Gung Ho! (see above), Allies can't use a Recon to order 2 units.

To activate this for your scenario you should do 3 things:
  1. Change the deck option to "HILL317_DECK". The deck is the same, it just recognizes that the Recon cards are Recon/Air Power for Allies.
  2. Use the Hill 317 green Hex+ button (see Exits below) to mark hex(es) on the map the Allies need to control in order to use this function. Hexes do not need to be hills. You can mark every hex on the map if you wish it to be universal.
  3. Please note this rule in your instructions under the Description tab. You may want to add a label too under Map tab for the required hexes. During the game, nothing on the board visibly indicates Hill 317 hexes are in effect.
In the pic above, the Allies' left section has been set to Hill 317 Rules. As long as the Allies have one unit in this section, they can call in Air Strikes by a Recon card (not Recon-in-Force). A label was added to inform players.


Airdrop Checkbox (default=unchecked).
At game start, Allied player attempts to drop 4 paratrooper infantry units (each of 4 figures) on the map.
If they land on another figure they are removed without medal.
Units landing on impassible terrain (e.g. rivers) should be removed, but are stuck until flag is rolled against them.
Units landing on a medal site do not gain the medal; they must leave and come back.
Please DO NOT use impassible terrain with Airdrop in the Online game.

Victory Conditions

Group Sudden Death

Warning: reports of fatal error where medal count doesn't win and only a Sudden Death victory will end the game. Scenario file may be permanently corrupted.

Deck Sudden Death

Sudden_Death.pngYou can set the game so that the deck is not reshuffled and one player wins when someone cannot draw a replacement card.
1. Uncheck the Deck Reshuffling checkbox (see above). Their Finest Hour now won't cause the deck to be reshuffled.
2. Check the Deck Sudden Death Checkbox.
3. Select "Only Allies" or "Only Axis" (from the dropdown that appears) for the side that would win.
The deck has 60 cards. If each player starts with 5 cards, the draw-deck will have 50.
There are 6 Recons, which can draw 6 extra cards that are discarded. Ambush when played gives another draw.
Total in this example should be 22-26 rounds (44-51 turns).

Medal Conditions

Empty Section Condition

Checkbox (default=unchecked).
When checked, 2 dropdown menus appear:
  1. "Only Axis" or "Only Allies".
  2. "Left Section" or "Center Section" or "Right Section".
The choices will give a medal to the selected side that clears the selected section.
It doesn't have an option for both sides or any section.
See official scenario, "Sugar Loaf and Half Moon" where Allies should get the medal for any section cleared.

Below are instructions for some features you can access under the Expert Tab. Please see Unsupported items for known problems.


mine01.pngTo create a Minefield the user must follow the steps below:
  1. Add Minefields to Game Tray:
    • Go to 'Expansions Needed' on toolbar or in 'Battle Info' tab.
    • Select an expansion with mines (Terrain Pack, Eastern Front, Mediterranean Theater, or Pacific Theater)
  2. Define the location:
    • While on 'Map' tab go to 'Marker' tab, then select 'Token' sub-tab.
    • Drag and drop the mine token to a desired hex on the map.
  3. Define the side:
    • Switch to 'Expert' tab.
    • Select a hex with a mine.
    • In 'Hexagon' Panel select a side from the respective drop down (see the image below).
    • Mine_Hex_1.png
    • Important note: "Only Allies" means that mines are placed by Allies and will hit Axis. "Only Axis" means that mines are placed by Axis and will hit Allies. "No/Any Side" does not have owner and will hit any side that enters minefield. Notice that this option is not supported by official M44 rules but can be beneficial for custom scenarios. Make sure you tell players about Minefields in 'Special rules' section to avoid confusion!
    • It's possible to have some mines placed by Axis and others placed by Allies.
  4. Define the set of mines (optional):
    • In 'Expert' tab, use the dropdown menu on the top panel (current default is "No Mines").
    • Mine_Pack.png
    • Each expansion pack came with a set of mines. So when you played face to face, and uncovered the only #4 mine, you would know that none of the hidden mines remaining were a #4. This option duplicates that; the game draws mines from these sets.
      However, the scenario will not load if you place more mines on the map than were in the selected expansion. Choose "No Mines" in this case. See Unsupported items, for more on mines.
      • No Mines (no limit?): Random (#s 0-3?).
      • Terrain (limit 10): 0,0,0,1,1,2,2,3,3,4.
      • Pacific (limit 5): 0,1,1,2,4. [Note: Online uses these #s. Are these the correct mine #s from Pacific?]
      • Eastern (limit 5): 0,1,2,2,4.
      • Med (limit 8): 0,0,0,1,2,2,3,4.

Decoy Minefields
The Mines properties also show the same parameters as Victory Medals. Why? Because in some scenarios, discovering the first decoy mine (i.e. 0) gives a medal. So this is how it was accomplished:
There are other options such as the green Hex+ button and various dropdowns. Leave these extra parameters alone. By the same token, all "tags" have medals properties. Most of the time, leave the Medal part alone when you deal with something other than medals.
Combat Engineers that move onto a Minefield will clear it instead of attacking; if it was a decoy, no medal is scored.


Previously, any side could exit a unit off the board via an Exit hex to gain a medal. Now you can set an Exit hex for one side only.
  1. Under Expansions Needed, select either Air Pack or Mediterranean Theater.
  2. From Map tab, select "All" and scroll down to bottom, or select "Marker" then "Token" to get to the 2 types of exits.
Single Exit Hex
exit_up_down.png3. For an exit on one hex, select the Exit token with up/down arrows and put it on your board.
4. Now under Expert tab, highlight the exit hex. On the Hexagon panel to the right you will see something like the picture below.
5. Change the default from "No/Any Side" to either "Only Allies" (like pic) or "Only Axis".
The other menus are not relevant. This will now allow only that side's unit to exit the board from this hex and earn a medal.
An Exit hex does not need to be on the board edge; it could be on a river, airfield, steep hill, caves on hills, etc.
Multiple Exit Hexes
exit_L_R.png3. Select 2 Exit tokens with left/right arrows and put them on your board. (Exits should be between and including the 2 exit hexes.)
4. Highlight an Exit token and change the default "No/Any Side" to either "Only Axis" or "Only Allies"
5. Highlight the other Exit token and repeat #4.
6. From the Hexagon panel on the right, click on the Hex+ button: your cursor will be attached to a green hex and + (not shown).
7. Choose your exit hexes. (In the illustration below, 4 hexes were chosen and their coordinates are on the right.)
8. When finished, click off the Hex+ button to turn this hex-selector off.
You don't need to repeat 6-8 for the other Exit token.
Counts for 2
If you choose "Counts for 2" it automatically resets to 1. If you want an infantry to score 2 medals, see "2 points for infantry exit" checkbox above.


Mountain.pngMountains do not work as indicated. See Unsupported items. However, they can be made impassible and to block line of sight.
Exception: Mountains will now be at the same height as hills, so Plateau Effect will still be active.
1. Select a Mountain Tile under the Expert tab.
2. In Hexagon Panel, change "Mountain" to "Impassible Hill".
3. Repeat for all mountains.
4. See official scenario, "St Vith"; though the unclassified version uses hills.
You can also make Mountains so that artillery cannot fire over them, (as well as being impassible and blocking line of sight).
  1. Select a Mountain Tile under Expert tab.
  2. In Hexagon Panel, change "Mountain" to "Impassible Blocking Hill".
  3. Repeat for all mountains.
  4. See official scenario, "Saverne Gap," though the unclassified version uses hills.


There are several options for Hills in the Hexagon Panel. Note: all Hill types look the same on the map during a game.
These options are not for Winter or Desert Hills.

Capture HQ/Supply Tents Rule

Capture_HQ_icon.pngWhen this rule is in effect, and your opponent captures your HQ/Supply Tent, you discard a Command Card and your hand is reduced by one. When it is liberated, you draw a card, and your hand size is restored.
1. Select Map Tab, and add an HQ/Supply Tents hex to the map.
2. Select Expert Tab, and highlight the HQ/Supply Tents hex.
3. At Hexagon Panel, choose "Only Axis" or "Only Allies" for whose HQ this is.

Oasis / Hospital Recovery


When Recovery Rules are in effect, an Ordered Infantry on an Oasis (or Hospital) hex with no adjacent enemy may recover lost figures. The unit cannot move or battle this turn. It prompts you after you finish giving Orders.
Note: currently it only allows you to Recover from one site per turn.
Sometimes it asks if you want to recover units when at full strength.
You then roll dice for each Command Card (Oasis) or 6 dice (Hospital), then each infantry or star recovers 1 lost figure.
Error: French Resistance is allowed to battle.
Robot Johnny can't say no, and can get stuck on a Hospital without being able to attack.
  1. Add an Oasis (or Hospital) to the map.
  2. Click on it when in Expert Tab.
  3. For Oasis only: on Hexagon Panel, change the dropdown to "Oasis Recovery"
  4. For both, select the dropdown for either "No/Any Side", "Only Allies", or "Only Axis".
Hospital Recovery: see Official Scenario, "Japanese Counterattack".
Oasis Recovery: see Official Scenario, "Flanking Manuever at Bir Hakeim".

Sea Wall

Terrain 12. Sea Wall. A Sea Wall acts as permanent sandbags for one side.
  1. Put Sandbags on the map in Map Tab.
  2. Rotate, if necessary.
  3. Go to Expert Tab, click on Sandbags in Map Panel.
  4. Change dropdown from SANDBAGS to SEA WALL in Hexagon Panel.
  5. Use 2nd dropdown:
    If set to "No/Any Side" then only protects original owner.
    If set to "Allies Only" or "Axis Only" then provides defense to that player but not the other.
See Official Scenario, "First Assault Wave".

Bridge: Entry/Exit Hexes

Normally, you may enter/exit a bridge with any adjacent hex. But if you change it to "Bridge Section" then the only entry/exit hexes are those at the ends of the bridge tile. Examples:
  1. Put a Bridge on the map in Map Tab.
  2. Go to Expert Tab, click on the Bridge in Map Panel.
  3. Change dropdown from BRIDGE to BRIDGE_SECTION.
  4. Label the Entry/Exit hexes (in Map Tab) for players to know.

Double Bridge
Presumably, if you want to use 2 bridges in a row, then you want them to work as one large bridge. Remember that units can leave a normal bridge to any terrain unless it's occupied or impassible. So if not set correctly, a unit crossing the bridge might "jump" off instead of moving through both bridge hexes. Likewise, a unit on the ground could "climb" onto the 2nd Bridge hex, without entering the first. Here are variations of the double bridge from the scenario, "Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte":
Note: the scenario rules don't state that there are specific entry/exit hexes.
The 1st bridge on the left, shows where normal bridge rules allow a unit on the top bridge to move to a set of hexes (1,2,3,4,5). The hex with #5 looks odd for a bridge's entry/exit hex, but it's legitimate and the Online game allows it too. The bottom bridge has a problem; a unit there can move to a set of hexes (A,B,C,D). We need to stop units from "jumping" off in mid-span to hex 5,D, (or moving from 5,D onto the bottom bridge).
The 2nd Bridge shows a solution of making hex 5,D an impassible river hex to avoid the problem. But now hex 5,D is out of play.
The 3rd Bridge shows the bottom bridge's exits when set to "Bridge Section." In this case hexes 5,D and B are still in play, but are no longer entry/exit hexes.
There are other options (not shown) for the top bridge. If it's set to "Bridge Section" then its entry/exit hexes are 1 & 3.
If it's also rotated to an up/down position then its entry/exit hexes would be 1,3,4.
Triple Bridge
See Official Scenario, "Arnhem Bridge". There, 3 bridges in a row are all set to "Bridge Section" and the entry/exit hexes are clearly marked for players.


Terrain 41, Fords and Fordable Rivers is not supported. Units in ford/river should battle out at -1.

Fordable Streams

Terrain 61, Fordable Streams is supported. Units entering must stop. No combat restrictions.
  1. Add River hexes to the map under Map Tab.
  2. Go to Expert Tab and select a River.
  3. Choose "Fordable Stream" in dropdown.
  4. Repeat for other River hexes.
  5. Note in Special Rules that River is Fordable Stream.
  6. If River is only fordable in certain sections, use a label or battle star to distinguish the hex.
Players that right-click on this river hex during the game will see the Fordable Streams card.
Large Rivers
See Official Scenario, "Arnhem Bridge." Infantry cannot shoot across Large Rivers, but tanks and artillery can.
There's no reference card for Large Rivers. Large Rivers are set like Fordable Streams (see pic above).

Armor Moves 0-2

tank_symbol.pngIn the official Mediterranean desert scenarios, "Allied Armor units may only move 2 hexes and battle, not the normal 3 hexes."
Online, British Armor units can only move 0-2, so no adjustment is needed for them.
See Official Scenario, "Into the Cauldron" where "all armor units may only move 2 hexes...."
So if the scenario involves German or American Armor, you can limit them as follows:
  1. Add US Armor, US Elite Armor, and/or German Armor to the board via Map Tab.
  2. Go to Expert Tab, and select the Armor on the map.
  3. Choose "Armor Moves 2 Hexes" or "Elite Armor Moves 2 Hexes" from unit dropdown. (Default is "Regular Armor" or "Elite Armor", respectively.)
This does not work for Elite German Armor, Russian Armor and Japanese Armor.
Road movement bonus still gives +1.

Armor Worth 2 VPs

Elite German Armor only, can be set to be worth 2 medals (or Victory Points).
See official scenario, Mont Mouchet.

  1. Add German Elite Armor to the board via Map Tab.
  2. Go to Expert Tab, and select the Elite Armor on the map.
  3. Choose "Two Victory Points Tank" from unit dropdown. (Default is "Elite Armor".)
  4. Add an Elite Armor Badge and select Figures>4, as normal.


Allied_Medal.pngMedals on a space can be either temporary or permanent.
Air Drops (Paratroopers) that land on a medal site do not gain the medal; they must leave and come back.

Temporary Medals
A temporary medal is lost when the unit moves away or is destroyed.
Assigning a temporary medal to a space is pretty straightforward.
Permanent Medals

SUPPORTED Medal Types.
They may be temporary, permanent or a mix.
>Enemy Medals, 1 Space
A medal for each side can be placed in the same space as long as one is the blue-field "Allies Medal".
If a Soviet or British medal is placed in the same space with a German, Italian, or Japanese medal then both won't show Online.
Usually set both to "Temporary Medal" to fight over the space.
>1 Medal, Any Space
The side gets its medal if they occupy 1 of several spaces.
See official scenario, Montélimar where Allies get a temporary medal for reaching a space next to the river.
In the pic below, 4 hexes (L9, k8, L7, l6) are selected next to the river, where Allies can earn the medal from any of them.
>Counts for 2 Medals
You can make a hex worth 2 medals, by changing the "Counts for 1" dropdown default to "Counts for 2".
Don't place 2 of the same medals (e.g. 2 German medals) in one space; it only shows and counts as 1 medal.
You can make multiple hexes worth 2, like for the river example above.
>Counts for 3-4 Medals
Tests so far have shown this works: the friendly unit captured the hex, got both (temporary) medals for 4, and lost all 4 when it moved off.
>Counts for 5-6 Medals
>Required Medal
Some scenarios (see Quarry at Cleury) require a side ("friendly") to capture a medal site as a requirement for victory. So if they get the number of medals by kills alone, they don't win. There isn't an option for this in the editor. However if the number of "enemy" units is less than 12, then here's how it could be done (with specifics for Quarry at Cleury):
  1. You want the "friendly" side not to be able to win by kills. So set the Victory Medals for both sides to 1 more than the number of "enemy" units. Don't count non-medal units like the Snipers. (In this case there are 7 Axis units, so increase Victory Medals from 5 to 8.)
  2. Determine the Value of the Medal Site = Victory Medals - old maximum kills. (Here it had 5 Victory Medals, so the maximum medals the "friendly" side could get from kills was 4, therefore 8-4=4. In other words, 4 kills + Medal Site = 8 to win.)
  3. Add a medal for the "friendly" side (ex. Victoria Cross- violet medal) to the map in the hex. If the Medal Site is worth 2 or more, then change it to "Counts for 2", (see above).
  4. If the Medal Site is worth 3 or 4, then add another "friendly" medal (ex. Hero of the Soviet Union -silver medal) to the map in the hex. If the Medal Site is worth 4, then change it to "Counts for 2".
  5. Add "enemy" medals (ex. German - red medals) to the map under their own units and make them permanent. You need to add enough to make the number of kills the same. (Previously it was 5, but since the Victory Medals is 8, you need 3; 5+3=8 for the win). This way both sides go to the same number of Victory Medals.
  6. Write in the rules the value of this medal site!
  7. Since people don't read rules, mark the value of the medal site on the map!
When the "friendly" side is Allies, make sure one of the Allied medals is NOT the familiar Allies medal (blue). In this case two Allied medals will appear in the same space and players may think one is for the Axis.
Note: this option was not well-received by online players. Many people do not read rules, even if they are available in 2 languages.
Also, the A.I., Johnny/Hermann does not play defense, so will leave the medal undefended. On the attack, Johnny seems to understand that medals help him score.

UNSUPPORTED Medal types:
(see Unsupported items page for more info)
>Majority Medal
Currently, it does not seem possible to program medals for the majority (plurality) possession of hexes.
Changing the "1 Hexagons" dropdown to 2 or more does not seem to have any effect.
>Group Sudden Death Medal
As stated above, clicking the checkbox will cause your scenario not to end by normal medal count and permanently corrupt your scenario file.
However, if you use the method under "Counts for 5 or 6 Medals" and your scenario is 6 or less medals, then this will make 1 hex a Sudden Death Objective!
Note: Objectives requiring a side to capture more than 1 hex are still not supported.

Editor Map Tab Adding terrain, units, obstacles, badges, etc.
Editor Battle Info Tab Declaring Victory Medals, Number of Command Cards, etc.
Editor Description Tab Wrting rules for players to read, creating a French page.
Tips and Tricks Creating a scenario from concept, saving Online, testing, etc.