The Battle Info Tab tells the Online game important information about your scenario, e.g. cards, medal count and who goes first.
It also has some information to help those decide whether to print out the scenario and play face-to-face.
The first time you click on the Battle Info Tab, it should look like this.


The next 3 items are the same as those on the toolbar, which can be accessed from any tab:

Board Format

Only Standard is supported in the Online game.

Board Background

Expansions needed

Each of the following when checked opens up badges, figures, tiles, etc. Not all are supported for the Online game.

Days of Wonder Online

Scenario ID: do not use. When you save a scenario Online you get a # here.


Choose for your scenario.
The Memoir'44 Online game can sort scenarios by front (as well as battle date, users' average rating and name).
If you enter After Action Reports (AARs) (see My Service Record), your statistics will be broken down by side played (Allies, Germans, Japanese, Russians) based on the front:


The dropdown contains a number of operations, some German, for historical interest or perhaps for campaign, but serve no other function in the game.

Start Date

Date of Battle. Shows in Online menu for games and for printout.

End Date

Uncheck the box, "Same as Start Date", to enter an end date.


Starting Player

Game Information



Previously the Online game had issues with changing these defaults.
United States
These don't seem to do anything or show up elsewhere. The game won't start for unsupported ones.*


Victory Medals

Nearly all official scenarios have the same medal requirement for both sides.
*Unsupported Nations: France-Free Forces, France-French Resistance, France-Vichy Army, US Marine Corps.
The results for the Online game used to have a problem with games where one side wins but the score is the same. (Ex: Allies needed 7, but had 6, while Axis won with 6, making 6-6.) This seems to have been fixed under your Officer Career and its spreadsheet.

More Links:

Editor Map Tab. This is where you add units, terrain and badges to the map.
Editor Description Tab. This is where you add scenario information for other players. It shows up Online, but the game doesn't run on it.
Tab, Print Preview. Printing the scenario is critical for face to face play.
Editor Expert Tab. New Rules options for Online play!